Where can I get information about various departments of Russian government?
The links to official websites can be found on the following website Server of the State Bodies of the Russian Federation gov.ru

Where can I get tourist information about Russia?
Tourist information on Russia can be found on the following official website of Federal Agency for Tourism www.russiatourism.ru

Do Canadians need an International driver’s license to drive in Russia?
No, as long as they have a valid Canadian driver’s license.

What is the local currency in Russia?
The local currency in Russian is rouble (RUB). You can exchange money at specialized locations and banks while travelling in Russia.

How do I make a phone call to Russia?
Country code: +7
Moscow area code: (495)

Will I have trouble with a language in Russia?
English is not widely spoken in Russia in general. It is more widespread in Moscow, but you are advised to use a guidebook or dictionary.

What is the electrical voltage in Russia?
220V; you may use a proper converter/travel pack.